About Future Institutions

Future Group of institutions

The Future Group of Institutions is located at 18 km, Nh-24 Bareilly-Lucknow Road, Near Faridpur, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The Future Group Of Institutions operates under the auspices of Shree Rajendra Kumar Gupta Memorial Trust.

Future Group of Institutions believes that “The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you!”. 

Quality education and industrial trained candidates can only be accomplished by providing a comprehensive atmosphere where learning opportunities arise organically. Future Institute’s entire system is programmed so that young intellects are prompted to explore & find solutions in the most natural and advanced ways possible.

Collaborations are an essential part of professional courses; it builds team-building and leadership qualities. 

Keeping this in mind, we encourage our students to collaborate in groups and organize various team-building sessions and group projects. We also believe that mixing emotional intelligence with academic excellence differentiates an academic winner from an average student. 

Future Institute keeps on organizing group learning activities to improve emotional intelligence. This way of learning has been shown to lifelong winners and industrial leaders.

At Future Institute, education is driven by an industrial trained, highly qualified & experienced faculty. 

The campus’s lush green environment with state-of-the-art labs helps individuals not lose out on learning opportunities. Future itself suggests “times said yet to arrive”; thus, Future Institute offers possibilities to whet talents and make a significant difference in one’s profession as an excellent opportunity to become a leader in the Future.

Creating Corporate Leaders

At Future Institute, we consider stress-free learning, and it can only achieve that by creating a fun and creative environment where learning prospects are cultivated naturally. 

Future Institute’s entire education and learning system is designed so that the young minds can embody knowledge by being nurtured to analyze and find solutions naturally.

Future’s faculties are not just teachers; they are mentors who have years of experience and can shape one’s personality. 

The work is rigorous and has no shortcuts, but it is a well-experienced and systemized system with which the teachers work in an effective and friendly manner. Future Group of Institutions believes that students and teachers should continuously update themselves with their plethora of knowledge to stand firmly in this corporate world. 

We can keep pace with this dynamic world and teach students the most modern and refined expertise. These efforts can easily be seen in our alumni who step into various popular fields of the corporate world and make their mark in the industry.

We believe in experiential-based learning rather than the tradition-based learning book at Future. 

Our students are provided with extensive exposure to diverse fields through meticulously developed learning tools. Students are not only equipped with the subject knowledge but are prepared for leadership by putting them in situations that make their decision-making quick and accurate. 

Future Institute puts lots of effort into honing students’ thinking and analytical skills. These skill development pieces of training are highly beneficial in facing corporate’s real-life problems

Why Choose Us?

Best Engineering Institute Award - Global Excellence Forum
High Experienced & Renowned Faculty Members
Industrial Tie Up with 100+ Top Industries
Outstanding Performance Award by Network 18