At F.G.I., we are committed to providing academic support to our students through innovative learning strategies that help them develop important study skills. We believe that the best study techniques involve a combination of formal and informal learning experiences, supported by modern technology.

Our approach has the following features.

Faculty-led Classes:

The classes are designed to engage students and encourage them to explore new ideas and concepts.


Emphasis on Key Learning Strategies:

We emphasize on the latest learning methods that help students develop important study skills, such as time management, note-taking, and critical thinking.

Co-curricular Activities:

Such activities provide opportunities for students to apply these skills in real-world situations, while also building important teamwork and leadership skills

Professional & Personal Development:

We regularly conduct training workshops, seminars and conventions for personal and professional development for our students. Recently a similar workshop Taleem-O-Tarbiyat was organized in the auditorium of the Future Institute in which many prominent personalities had participated to educate students on entrepreneurship and startups.

Taleem-O-Tarbiyat :

An Education to Entrepreneurship Program – is India’s leading education program for youth and underprivileged individuals. This event featured a fantastic lineup of speakers, including renowned tech entrepreneur and angel investor Mr. Viren Rana from Silicon Valley, United States of Americaformer SBI Chairman Mr. Rajnish Kumarbusiness coach and entrepreneur Ms Harpreet Kaursenior journalist Ms. Shivangi Thakur from Zee News, and many other experts in their respective fields.

Taleem O Tarbiyat in Future Group of Institutions

These sessions focused on financial literacy, depository services, and entrepreneurship. Coordinated by Mr. Zafar Sareshwala, the workshop also served as an opportunity to network and build startup businesses! 

Future Institute’s Auditorium:

Future Institute’s Auditorium
Business Coach

Ms Harpreet Kaur, Business Coach (4th from left), Ms Simran Sahni, Co. Founder at Keeros, supersnacks, superfoods (5th from left) Mr Mukesh Gupta, Chairman Future Group (6th from left), Mr Rajnish Kumar Ex CEO SBI (7th from left), Mr Viren Rana, serial entrepreneur and angel investor (8th from left), and Shivangi Thakur, Senior Journalist Zee News, (on extreme right)


We understand the importance of imparting important study skills to our students, which is why we offer a range of resources to help them succeed. Our learning strategies for students include:

  • Individualized academic support
  • Study groups and tutoring services
  • Workshops on topics such as time management, organization, and test-taking strategies


At F.G.I., we believe that every student is unique, and our learning strategies are tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Whether it’s through research projects with faculty, independent studies, or passionate pursuits, we help students develop important learning strategies that work for them.