Future Group of Institutions Bareilly

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary learning experience at Future Group of Institutions which is one of the best engineering colleges in Bareilly. Our lush, green campus, complete with a golf course, combines the serenity of nature with world-class educational facilities to empower you for future challenges. 

Move over local information technology colleges, and enjoy the benefits of our fully Wi-Fi-enabled campus, designed to offer seamless, high-speed access to digital learning, keeping you ahead of the curve in your academic journey. Our study corridors are more than just spaces – they are catalysts for intellectual growth and knowledge acquisition.

At Future Group of Institutions, the best engineering college in Bareilly, we offer more than plain education; we provide a transformative journey that prepares you for a successful future. Come, join the best engineering technology institute, and let us shape your destiny together. 

Campus Security in Best Engineering college in Bareilly

Security Campus Future Group of Institutions

The well-being and security of students hold paramount importance in academic institutions. At Future Group of Institutions, we prioritize this by implementing a robust and comprehensive security framework that vigilantly safeguards our students and staff residing on campus. 

Ensuring peace of mind, our campus security operates diligently around the clock, seven days a week. It gives parents the much needed peace of mind, as they want top-notch security in computer science colleges for their kids.

Bachelor of Computer Applications in Future College

Our computer labs are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated software, reflecting our commitment to providing cutting-edge learning facilities. Each lab houses over 60 state-of-the-art HP computers, integrated with the latest technology for optimum performance. 

Computer Labs in Top engineering colleges in bareilly​

Furthermore, we’ve ensured reliable UPS power backup to maintain uninterrupted connectivity and secure student data, delivering a seamless learning experience for our students. Together, it makes us the best college of engineering in Bareilly.

FGIT Auditorium


The Future Auditorium stands as a stunning centerpiece, pivotal not only to the top college experience but also to the vibrancy of local life. Its unique design, combined with a generous stage, guarantees excellent sightlines from any vantage point within the space. 

Distinguished as the largest on-campus structure, it can comfortably accommodate up to 300 people, facilitating a range of gatherings and events.

Savvy WiFi Campus

Future Group of Institutions boasts an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that supports a broad spectrum of needs. This includes a robust Campus ERP system, dedicated portals for students and faculty, and seamless Internet surfing capabilities. With access to an array of web and desktop applications as well as interactive online classes, our institution offers a comprehensive digital landscape to enhance your learning experience.

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A Conference Room

Future Group of Institutions campus houses several expansive, impressive conference halls, each capable of accommodating over 100 people in a lecture-style arrangement. Outfitted with whiteboards and projection screens, these venues facilitate interactive discussions with instructors and provide spaces for guest lectures. 

Every detail is thoughtfully designed to cater to a rich and engaging learning experience.


Future Group of Institutions is the top B. Tech college in Bareilly that takes pride in its library system, recognized as one of the most innovative in the Bareilly Region. Beyond traditional library sections, our library hosts the Electronic Learning Center, a dedicated space brimming with books and journals. 

We seamlessly blend the conventional with the cutting-edge, fostering an environment that encourages exploration and knowledge expansion.

Future Group of Institutions regions Library in Bareilly
Gymnasium, Future Group of Institutions in Bareilly

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or simply keen on staying fit, our gym offers an engaging and supportive environment to help you stay agile, healthy, and ready to seize every opportunity.

Your journey towards a fitter, more dynamic self starts here. Join us and shape not just your career, but also your well-being. 

It not only helps us grab a leading position among the top 10 engineering colleges in Bareilly, but also in the whole state of U.P.


At Future Group of Institutions, the best engineering college in Bareilly, we believe that a sound body cultivates a sound mind. 

Fulfill your physical training needs and unlock your full potential in our state-of-the-art gym. 

This modern facility is furnished with easy-to-use, cutting-edge equipment, tailored to cater to every student’s fitness level.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you can refine your fitness goals and learn to maintain an active, balanced lifestyle. 


Future Group of Institutions, the best B. Tech college in Bareilly warmly welcomes students from various religious beliefs and cultures across India, creating a vibrant and diverse community in Bareilly. 

We cater to our students’ every need, providing a range of amenities to ensure their comfort and well-being. 

This includes a mess hall that serves hygienic, nutritious meals, comprehensive laundry services, and round-the-clock security on campus.

At Future Group, we strive to nurture not only academic growth but also personal development. 

We equip our students with life skills, empowering them to lead independent lives. 

Hostel, Future Group of institutions Bareilly

Moreover, our vibrant sports culture offers an array of activities from basketball, cricket, and football to volleyball and other outdoor pursuits. 

Here, you’ll be part of an environment that enriches your educational journey and fosters holistic growth. Come, join us, and embrace an enriching, inclusive experience at Future Group of Institutions, the best B. Tech college in Bareilly.

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Ragging Free Campus

At Future Group of Institutions, the best engineering college in Bareilly UP, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging on campus. Ragging is defined as an act of misconduct committed against a student that causes or has the potential to cause harm, whether it be psychological or physical. 

Our commitment to fostering a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment ensures that all students can engage in their academic pursuits free from fear or intimidation. So, if you want ragging free engineering colleges in Bareilly UP, confide in us and come to Future Institute.

Bbest Placement Colleges in Bareill

Placement Center

If you are looking for the placement wise best engineering colleges in Bareilly, Future Institute of Engineering and Technology should be your ultimate destination. Our placement center is dedicated to campus placements and job assistance for our students. 

In addition to inviting companies to our campus to recruit final year students, we also arrange internships and training for our students. It makes us an A-lister among the top engineering colleges in Bareilly Uttar Pradesh