Future Institute of Pharmacy

  • Awarded as a Best Engineering Institute Award by Global Excellence Forum
  • Ranked as Best B-School of Region by DPES Survey
  • Awarded as an Out Standing Performance by Network 18
  • Awarded for Commendable Performance in area of Final Placement by ACE Infotech


The Future Group of Institutions offer Pharmacy Programs at its Future Institute of Pharmacy Campus. FIP offers four years full time B.Pharm & 2 years D.Pharm programs. FIP with excellent lab facilities, good teaching and learning practices based majorly on student feedback systems, is a model pharmacy institute conducting graduate & diploma programs in pharmaceutical sciences. Our highly experienced faculty encourages students to carry out research in the fields of their interest. The courses and their practice are focused on the needs of Pharma industry and hospitals. The development of the pharmaceutical industry has been dramatic. With the world moving towards the requirement for reasonable strategies for clinical therapies, the job of the pharmaceutical specialist today is similarly just that significant of a clinical specialist. 

FIP tries to disperse the information and comprehension of pharmaceutical store as an approach to delivering first rate pharmaceutical specialists, who are prepared to take care of the different necessities of the business for the government assistance of individuals. The Faculty of Pharmacy are effectively engaged with examination and consultancy in a joint effort with different pharmaceutical businesses to give the genuinely necessary modern openness while the understudies are as yet in quest for their different courses. With our cutting edge research offices, we try to give the most broad exploration in the field of pharmaceutical industry to deliver the most significant arrangements which are indispensable towards human government assistance. The different specialists and speakers additionally proceed to give a customized opportunity for growth to our understudies which sets them up for their scholarly future professions in pharmaceutical industry. A solid accentuation on quality and industry preparation is additionally established with granting winning and experienced full time and visiting workforce who carry with them a rich assortment of involvement and information from the universe of the scholarly community and industry. We additionally have research researchers who are working in different regions like computer supported medication plan, Analytical technique advancement, Phytochemical and Pharmacological assessment of medications.

programme offered

B.Pharm – Bachelor in Pharmacy
D.Pharm – Diploma in Pharmacy