Future of AI in marketing

Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t a new notion in today’s technologically avant-garde world. We utilize AI in our daily lives, like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. There are many theories about the capabilities and potential of AI; however, enormous growth is being seen during this AI revolution.

In 2016 Google stunned the entire world with its AI-based game that beat the 18-time World Champion Lee Sedol in Go’s strategy board game. This innovation entitled AI to move into the cutting-edge of technology.

This blog will talk about Artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing and what the future holds for AI. So, let us get started.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t a new notion in today’s technologically advanced world. We all utilize AI throughout our life, including Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. It is no doubt that there are numerous predictions regarding the capabilities and potential of AI; however, tremendous growth has been witnessed during this AI revolution over the years.


In 2016 Google amazed the entire world with its AI-powered program that defeated an 18-time World Champion, Lee Sedol, in Go’s strategy board game. This innovation allowed AI to take its first steps into cutting-edge technology and technology.

This article will discuss Artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, how we can expect the next phase of AI, and how Bareilly’s best college is helping students with the same. So, let us get started;


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence imitates human intelligence techniques through machines, particularly computers. Artificial Intelligence is a technology designed to mimic the human mind and intellect in simple diction. Additionally, AI applications are enriched with advanced systems that process natural language speech recognition and machine vision.

But, AI has an expansive concept. However, we can define it as AI, a form of computer software that can perform things that need human brains and intuition.


AI in marketing, no doubt, has boosted its marketing capabilities. Due to online marketing, digital and social media, AI makes it effortless for mobile marketers to recognize customers’ behavior, preferences, search history, path SEO speech recognition, content marketing, and many more. All these elements help mobile marketers provide users with the highest quality outcomes.

Let’s take a look at some marketing applications made possible by AI.


Use of AI in Content Generation and Curation  


AI writing programs can construct content that retains analytic data, like facts and information. AI writing programs can quickly create content for future occasions, reports on financials, or trends in marketing. But, you can’t create content that needs human opinions or emotions using AI writing software. Examples of content-generating AI programs include Wordsmith, Content, Articolo, and WordAi.

However, when we think of curation of content, it can help businesses provide their customers with relevant content to increase their engagement. For example, have you seen social media and YouTube ads connected to your search questions? It’s an example of curation.


Use of AI in Voice and Text Recognition


Today, the application of AI is evident in various smart devices, including tablets, smartphones, and even more. AI allows users to use their voices to receive true-to-life results for their searches. The technology of voice recognition is an innovative feature of AI which is extensively used to enhance the usability of devices and is suitable for all.

The ability to recognize text is another benefit of AI. When users type any text or keyword into the search bar or text box, it allows users to obtain the most precise results. Considering the various examples for text recognition Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts are top of the list.


AI for Personalized Marketing


In the present, when we talk about the use of marketing technology, companies are utilizing curated recommendations to engage with their clients. Are you convinced that displaying ads based on predictions can trick you? In this situation, the AI-based personalization of marketing can assist brands in meeting the needs of specific customers. In simple terms, AI-driven personalization marketing allows companies to create deals that are most appropriate to the preferences and behavior of customers.


AI for Understanding User Behavior 

Are you conscious that AI can assist you in comprehending the behavior of users? You heard it exactly. Artificial Intelligence can help websites, and mobile apps understand users’ behavior established on searches. It assists entrepreneurs in understanding what their shoppers like or want to look for. If you are aware of the details about your customers and their preferences, you can then offer your client the information he’s looking for at the moment.


Future with AI

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will have a bright future in marketing, according to Pega, an AI app development company.

In addition, it can assist companies in saving costs as well as optimizing funding and simplifying the work for employees.


Statistics Window


  • 40% of major corporations use AI chatbots.
  • AI will generate a whopping 20% of all business content in 2018. (Source: Gartner)
  • AI has a $14 trillion and a 33% trillion impact on the economy. (Source: Bank Of America)
  • By 2018, 75% of developers’ teams will have AI capabilities in at least one application or service. (Source: IDC Future capes 2017)


The Final Reminders


After reading this guide, We hope that you will be able to grasp the monumental dimension of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing. There’s nothing wrong with declaring AI’s future is bright, and AI is brilliant for marketing and all other areas: education, health, agriculture, and banking. Or any other field.

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