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How IBM Certification help in your career Corporate Training to Undergrads

Why attain Corporate Certification? Is Corporate Certification beneficial? Will an IBM certification be worth it? Getting a corporate job is a dream for all college graduates. More than 70% of students attend college with the ultimate goal of attaining a corporate job in renowned MNCs. But being freshers, every company does not entertain freshers as they do not carry any corporate-level experience about the work. Recently various colleges have started introducing corporate visits, industrial training, Industrial visits, and guest lectures and have collaborated with numerous industry-leading companies. Depending on their course, these collaborations help students with best-in-class industrial expertise from top leaders from multiple industries. Having corporate experience in the college with corporate certifications helps students get their first job through campus placement quickly and with their desired package.


Future Group of Institutions is the best college in Bareilly, providing the best-in-class industrial training in collaboration with IBM technologies for the first time in Bareilly. Future College has collaborated with IBM to provide BCA and Btech students the industrial and next-gen knowledge about the upcoming technology and the advancements that are about to come in the old technology, which is in progress and will be available for the ultimate consumers in the future. 

Future College has always tried to stand out from the rest of Uttar Pradesh’s colleges, making Future College one of the Top 10 colleges in Uttar Pradesh. Whether it’s industrial visits, corporate collaborations, or guest lectures, the future college has always tried to provide a little more than the rest. Being IBM the leading Tech company in the tech world, Future College decided to grab the perfect opportunity for their students to have a better future. This Internship will open several doors for all the budding engineers and computer degree holders who have dreamed of a successful career in the tech world.


This Internship will include all the basic and advanced tips to resolve all the technical errors of the new and old tech. Working for IBM technologies as an intern will help students learn how corporates work and how things are supposed to be done in the corporate sector. Students will learn about various programming languages and coding methods like python, Java, and C++. Doing Internships with leading tech companies has its perks, as engineering students have to work for the tech industry after completing their degree. Having a prior corporate experience and an internship letter while attaining their degrees helps students in interviews and grasping the work efficiently. 


Future College is one the best college in Bareilly, due to which it is the hot spot for different top MNCs like Accenture, Microsoft, and Google to hire graduates with an excellent salary package. As IBM technology is one of the significant stakeholders in the tech companies, having certification helps at the time of the interview. 

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