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Simple Ways How To Prepare For Your Board Exams?

As we all know, 12th class board exams are right around the corner. A lot of students among us would be very prepared and in their final revision among us, but some of us might still be trying to complete their first revision. There might be a few of us who haven’t started yet but are planning to start in a few days, though the stakes are high and the results of these exams are very important for entering into a good university or college. Due to this reason, the pressure of these exams is way higher than usual exam pressures. 

Despite this, a lot of learners at all levels have misconceptions about learning and do not prepare effectively for exams. We do not know which learning approaches are most effective, and we prepare for exams using inefficient learning methods. Here are some pointers that you can follow that will help you in preparing for these exam

Plan and follow a study plan:

First and foremost important for achieving a big goal is to plan it. So, planning what to study and how to study will bring you closer to your goal. Making a plan is not easy. One should know their weak points and the most effective time when their brain is most active and then pick the most difficult topics or subjects at that time. 

Picking realistic goals is also very important once you know their caliber and should pick their targets accordingly. Realistic goals not only help in motivating yourself towards study but also help to achieve your goals sooner with some buffer time to have a revision.

Start with higher weightage topics:

With almost a month to go, it is almost impossible to revise every single topic from every subject. Start with those topics and chapters that have the highest weightage. Covering those topics will help you score higher marks. You should connect with your teachers to reduce confusion.

Read NCERT books:

Reading from the education board’s prescribed books will be a great help. Solve all the back exercise problems on the back of the books to analyze the board’s standards. Thus, reading and going through the textbooks is important.

Work On Improving Speed And Accuracy:

With understanding and knowledge about the topics, accuracy to reach or to write the right answer in minimum time is very important. Students should prepare themselves for the final exams by giving mock test papers, revision papers, and previous years’ papers. This will help them to be under the board’s pattern and will increase the speed and accuracy of answering the questions.

Time Management Skills:

The development of great time management skills helps in achieving targets in less time, allowing you time to revise the subject and score subjects again. This can only be achieved with strict time management and a study plan. This also helps in revision as, as soon as the student is finished with the revision as soon as they can start practicing mock papers. This will help them to be under the board’s pattern and will increase the speed and accuracy of answering the questions.

Replicate the real paper scenario:

Replicating real paper scenarios is very important to reduce exam-related perturbations. Keep the time of the replica exam and the real paper the same so that you can create real life problems and scenarios. Leave the paper as it is on the completion of the time and evaluate your answers strictly. This will orient them to the real exam scenario and boost their confidence level. 

Additionally, during this critical period before the test, it is important that students stay healthy since even one day’s loss can have serious consequences. Students need to have enough sleep and eat healthy meals to stay healthy on both the inside and outside.

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