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Bachelor of Physiotherapy

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BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy) is a professional undergraduate program that studies the human body, focusing on the prevention of disability and diseases that are related to body movement. The BPT course lasts for four years and includes a six-month obligatory clinical internship.

A professional degree from Future Group of Institutions will guarantee an employment opportunity right after completing the program. You could become a licensed health professional in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics or create your private clinic and operate it independently.

The field of physiotherapy in health care employs physical exercises, such as massage.

BPT course offers instruction, advice, and counseling for those getting old and requiring special mental and physical treatment.

Students enrolled in this course are taught about techniques related to manual therapy, exercises, and the use of electro-physical treatment methods that can treat various diseases and disabilities associated with the back, spine, neck, or stress-related issues.

Students who take undergrad studies in Physiotherapy achieve excellent careers and advancement opportunities. The physiotherapist plays a significant function in the healthcare sector in every health clinic and hospital. They assist in restoring mobility and functionality of the body in the event of illness, injury, or condition. There are a variety of jobs that candidates can pursue after earning a physiotherapy degree. They could join any fitness and health clinic or start a private physiotherapy clinic.

Additionally, many multinational corporations employ physiotherapists to maintain the health of their employees. There are a lot of school boarding houses that have hired the physiotherapists they have hired, and this is to keep the health of their students.

The physiotherapist has become an integral element of sport, with nearly every team worldwide having their therapist. A player needs to be healthy and fit. Injury to joints during training is prevalent in the sport, and at this time, physiotherapists aid in accelerating recovery. The physiotherapists provide therapy to ensure that the patient is in health, increased activity, and speedy recovery from injuries.


A trained professional with a BPT degree from Future Institute has a wide variety of job opportunities that he can undertake. Freshers with a BPT degree earn between 1.5 and 3 LPA, while entry-level professionals (1 to 3 years of work experience) typically earn between 3-5 LPA. 

Top recruiters of BPT professionals are Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Health Institutions, Sports teams. A successful professional from the Future Institute with a degree in BTC can apply for various professionals, including Physiotherapist, Defense Medical Establishments,

Lecturer, Researcher, Osteopath, Self Employed Private Physiotherapist, Sports Physio Rehabilitator.


Requires 50% (45% for SC/ST) Marks in 12th with PCB


4 Years

course fees

60,000 Inr