Top 5 programming languages to know in 2022

Top 5 Programming Languages to know in 2022

The Coding and Tech industry has focused on hiring industry-ready skilled professionals to keep up with the rapid rise in innovation and technological developments. It has become less dependent on the academic curriculum due to the increasing number of specializations in the professional sector. An engineering diploma from Bareilly’s best engineering college, Future Group of Institutions, includes a discipline that increases your chances of being hired for a more skilled job. However, you will need to learn several programming languages to ensure that your employer prioritizes your recruitment and professional future.


These programing Languages include:


  1. Javascript JavaScript is the most popular web programming language. JavaScript is used on almost all websites. It has been consistently ranked as one of the most popular programming languages. This language is also being used by some of the most renowned tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. JavaScript is available both for Front End Development and Back End Development. JavaScript is not only used to add responsive elements to web pages but also allows for a variety of other applications, such as web development, mobile application development, and game development. JavaScript also allows users to add functionalities to existing elements to their websites to make them more dynamic.JavaScript is highly in demand, and a professional qualification in JavaScript can help you earn a handsome salary package in IT. Google, Dell and Facebook are just a few major MNCs that offer this position. They are actively seeking the same. JavaScript is, therefore, a top-ranked programming language for 2021.
  2. Java – Java is a well-known programming language that can be used on various platforms, from mainframe data centers to smartphones. It’s also known for its portability and scalability. Java, which is in high demand, is widely used in Android development, Desktop Applications and Scientific Applications. JAVA is also used by top companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and Flipkart. This gives Java developers more career options.

Java is an excellent choice for distributed computing because of its high demand in the tech world and tremendous community support. It also includes popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and Strut and many enriching features such as multithreading, automatic garbage collection, platform independence, memory allocation & garbage collection, and other enriching features. JAVA will provide you with many professional opportunities over the following years.


  1. Python – A quick, simple-to-use and easy-to-deploy programming language, Python is becoming a popular choice for developing scalable web apps. It is one of the fastest-growing general-purpose, high-level programming languages. Python is a highly readable programming language focusing on code readability, and python programming can do almost everything. Python Programming is a foundation for all future specializations, including Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Networking, Machine Learning, and Machine Learning.

Rapid advancements in Information Technology have increased the demand for Python programmers and developers. In the USA, the average salary for a Python developer working in popular frameworks like Flask, Pyramid and Django is approximately $120,000, while it is in India around Rs 1.2 million.


  1. Kotlin: Developers have shown a great interest in Kotlin since Google made it the preferred language for Android Application Development. Kotlin is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language supporting object-oriented and functional programming features. Kotlin is easy to learn and interoperable with Java, and Kotlin can use this language for web development and desktop application development.

Kotlin was ranked #4 in the Stack Overflow survey as the top-loved programming language. With a significant market share of android phones and processors, Kotlin is a universal language. Therefore, Kotlin must rank among the top programming languages this year.


  1. Go: The Golang (or Go Programming Language) was created by Google and offers cross-platform support. It is easy to use and efficient. Although the language is not very popular with programmers, it is growing in popularity due to its superb support for multithreading. Numerous companies that rely heavily on distributed systems are using the language extensively. Despite being widely used in Silicon Valley startups, Go has yet to be adopted in India’s IT sector.

GoLang was ranked among the top five most beloved languages by developers in 2020, according to Stack Overflow’s survey. The pay scale for GoLang varies depending on work experience and level of understanding.

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